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magnetic poetry

November 6th, 2010 | Comments Off on magnetic poetry

Remember Magnetic Poetry? Those kits with all the tiny magnetic words that you could put on your fridge and get creative with?

Well I had a book- a magnetic poetry book with a pouch and a magnet board. I used to like to keep it in the car when Griffin was younger, and sometimes he would play with it and try to make words, but really, he wasn’t much of a poet at 5 or 6.

I was though. Sort of. I enjoy poetry and have written some pretty decent words, some that date back to 1987. I guess that ability to paint pictures with words flows from that into this writing here, hmm?

But recently, I pulled that old magnetic poetry book out of the bookshelf. I swear I haven’t looked at it in a decade. I opened the cover and found this inside:

Not bad, huh?