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the after effects

November 4th, 2010 | 5 Comments »

Remember this?

Yeah, no big deal, right? A little fender bender, yep. At least on the 22nd, that’s what it appeared to be.

Well it’s not. Not at all in any way.

That’s an Audi. An import. They are awesome vehicles but we’re finding that they don’t come cheap. We knew this, really. Yet this minor fender bender racked up enough damage to this car to make the insurance company want to write it off as a total loss.

But we love the car. It’s a 2003 and it’s worth fixing to us so we’re going to keep it and pray that when they take it apart to do the repairs that they don’t find anything else wrong. We’re pretty sure they won’t. Hopefully, anyway.

Then there’s me. Because I’m damaged too from that 20mph fender bender, the accident that put barely a noticeable dent in the other person’s car. The first symptoms started to show up the Sunday following the Friday accident. On Monday the 25th I was in the chiropractor’s office starting treatment. The left shoulder and left side of my neck are out of whack. When I saw the fact that the car had stopped in front of me, I yanked the wheel to the right, and reflexively cringed when I missed. You can’t help it. Then of course, in the aftermath your body floods with cortisol, the stress hormone and your muscles fill with lactic acid. It’s normal and what happened to my neck and shoulder is not that big of a deal.

It’s what happened to my head that’s starting to be an issue. Apparently, I am unbalanced.

Well now….. we sort of knew that, didn’t we?! 😉

This past week I’ve been dealing with increasing motion sickness symptoms- and not just when I’m driving. I get motion sick just going through my normal daily activities. And it gets worse in the car. I can be 5 minutes from home and I start to feel nauseated, my head begins to throb and my eyes get all buggy. If I drive too much, it gets way worse. Yesterday I tried to go grocery shopping and once I got all the bags in the car, after weaving through the market for an hour, I sat in the parking lot and forced myself to focus so I could drive the short way home. Once home and organized, I had to lay down. This is how my days have gone. By early afternoon the headache and nausea can be bad enough to plop me on the sofa until dinnertime.

So tomorrow, Friday I am having an MRI. And I’m glad. I need to know what the heck is wrong with my head.