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Where a Parfait gets its day

November 25th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

What’s the difference between a Sundae and a Parfait?? Anybody know??

Today is National Parfait Day. And no, don’t call it a Sundae. There’s a very fundamental difference and you should know what it is so the lovely Parfait doesn’t get its feelings hurt. That’s why there is a National Sundae Day- which we’ve already talked about, so let’s move on -AND a National Parfait Day.

A Parfait is layered. That’s the difference right there. While a Sundae has it’s delicious additions on top and is almost always made with ice cream, a Parfait is designed to have layers of goodies between whatever medium you wish- yogurt, pudding, custard or ice cream- along with some of them on top and in my mind, when you get to have both with endless variations, you’re the rockstar of the dessert world. It’s only fitting that Parfait is French for ‘PERFECT’.

Like this…….


NaBloPoMo is winding down quickly and I’ve managed to make a rather decent post every day about each food holiday that the month of November celebrates. I’ve learned a lot and I hope you have as well, and that you keep returning to my corner of the blogging world to check out what will be going on after I recover and cut the chains to my laptop so I can live normally again.

That being said, I had all sorts of good intentions to make a whole bunch of delicious recipes to celebrate the end of the month, the end of my first successful NaBloPoMo- we’ve got Cake Day, a few cool Pies to celebrate, French Toast and MOUSSE!- but…….ah, I don’t know. If I don’t get around to it what with all the manic cooking for that big food holiday coming up, please forgive me. I still plan to talk about them and honor them happily. I just may not have a recipe. Don’t be mad.

And that Parfait deal we’re talking about? Let’s get another shot, shall we?parfaits-006

Making up this cute little dessert yesterday, I got to thinking about Trifles- you know, the humongo layered dessert of pudding, fruit, cookies or cake cubes or however your creativity drives you, and I realized that the Trifle is just a Parfait on steroids. It’s the Parfait with an ego, the diva of Parfaits. So what came first- the Parfait or the Trifle? Good question- it’s the Parfait, I’m certain of it.

My cute little Parfait consisted of vanilla yogurt (soy based), chopped almonds and a crunchy concoction from the natural foods store called Chocolate Heaven Granola. I think. It should be because it’s hands down one of the best granola’s that my mouth has ever known. I would never sully it by covering it with milk though- it’s best shoved by the handful between your willing lips. Like popcorn, there is no dignity is consuming this divine pleasure- no nibbling, no bit by bit snacking, no,  this one is an all-out let’s get the job done and enjoy it food item.

But a close second is to stir it into yogurt with a handful of nuts. And add a chocolate mint pirouette. And then offer to share it with your husband but as he settles into a phone call and shuts his office door, you suddenly don’t feel like sharing and you consume the whole thing, shamelessly and when he asks you about it, you just shrug and make an adorable innocent face that he simply can’t resist.

This is how I celebrated Parfait Day.