old reliable vegetable enchiladas

There’s nothing, really, to making a pan of enchiladas. Tortillas, filling, sauce and cheese, a bit of time in a hot oven and you’ve got a dinner that should please just about anyone. I probably don’t even need to give you a recipe, do I? (but I will…..)   What enchiladas are though, is reliable. […]

slow cooked comfort

Long slow cooking processes make some of the most intensely satisfying meals, especially on a chilly day. Something simmering on the stovetop, or in a crockpot or oven has a soothing effect against a cold wind knocking the windows, lashing bare branches about. One of my most favorite meals as a kid was our regular […]

sick days and french silk pie

It’s never convenient to get sick. Lots of people try the old ‘mind over matter’ thought process when they feel that scratchy throat come on, or the sniffles begin to build. I used to do that, but often I think that it makes it worse. While there are some ways to help ward off illnesses […]

Guys got game in the kitchen

Yesterday was a wonderful day all around. The weather broke above zero for the first time all week- and actually made it to +22 degrees!!- and my guys took over the kitchen to make tasty treats and an amazing dinner. First Mike made Chili Lime baked tortilla chips, a recipe he found in the current […]