just write {120}

The sunshine is deceitful, as it smothers us in warmth through the windowpane, the wind threatens to burn an icy finger through the glass and tear us in two. Another day of unbearable cold, a mysterious lethargy forms over me and I pick up the phone to call work and say that I’m not coming […]

just write {89}

I’m good at so much, but lately, I feel like I’m not good at anything at all except moving through each 24-hour period. I made an amazingly tasty batch of Kamut-Millet pancakes last week, thick and dense with the good stuff, and we ate them daily for three days. Each time I took a bite […]

just write {87}

There’s a mist that seems to hang in the early morning air, heavy and humid from the water lapping at the shore, the cool morning temps that kicked the furnace on at 6:45 this morning. I’m glad to be awake actually. Dreamless and sleeping deeply, the stiff mattress transferred all it’s solidity to my shoulders […]

just write {83}

Warm sun quickly filled my bedroom that morning, and I was struggling to put on clothing that felt right for the sudden jump in to Spring. What if the church where I was going would be air-conditioned and cold? What if I looked like I’d spent too much time on this? It was only a […]

just write {79}

April thoughts: The garden plot where I grow my food is free of it’s snow cover. This makes me deliriously happy. It also makes me far too eager to pick up my shovel, and all I would get for that is the ‘tink tink’ against the frozen ground underneath. I didn’t transfer the two Peony […]

just write {77}

I jolt from a deep sleep. Again. Intently, with heart pounding, I listen to the night for the noise, for anything that warranted a shock from unconscious to wakefulness but I hear nothing. Again. Now I’m awake. But I’m sleepy too and the brain begins churning. Because it just can’t seem to stop. There is […]

just write {76}

I had to let go. Give in. Step back and admit that it wasn’t working anymore, that we couldn’t do this. It was too much for us. And I hated that I cried about it. It’s just a damn car. I’m not materialistic at all. I don’t seek out names, brands or designers for my […]

imperfection {just write 69}

I have a beast living inside me, as I suspect we all do. The thing is, no one talks about the beast, their beast and I think everyone tries to quell it’s ugliness. But when one person says ‘I have this part of me that I hate.’ then others can sigh with relief and think […]

patience {just write 68}

I’m not the best at being patient for something I really want, but lately (as in, getting older) I’ve realized that there within me lies a vast ability to be able to sit back and await a perfect timing of sorts, a coming together of all the angles and planes and equations that make up […]

i chose joy {just write 66}

I never watch the news on television, and I wasn’t about to start now. I barely read a newspaper any longer either. The fixation in the news media on the horrors of our world are far too much for this tender heart to bear. So I didn’t read the newspapers. None of them. And I […]