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patience {just write 68}

January 15th, 2013 | 2 Comments »

I’m not the best at being patient for something I really want, but lately (as in, getting older) I’ve realized that there within me lies a vast ability to be able to sit back and await a perfect timing of sorts, a coming together of all the angles and planes and equations that make up the exact picture in your head that you wish to share with the world.

And sometimes, just resting in quiet, re-arranging images in your head about what you want, what you see for yourself and those aspects of you that you share with the world seems more necessary than anything else. Stepping back. Taking a break. Making new assessments. Planning, or simply just dreaming. I’ve been working through some of those very images regarding this blog, a new design and direction, and in the waiting and the quiet, I’ve gotten a sort of clarity that rarely happens in haste.

It happens with a lot of people during the turn of the calendar to a new year. We all plan for goals and unlimited potential when January shows it’s face; we plot the next 12 months in bullet points and gym memberships and pantry staples and menu ideas. We eagerly share our ‘Best Of’ 2012, and openly state our intent for 2013, then we leap. I’ve had lots of calendar changes in my life, and leapt more times than I can count and what I’ve discovered in that leaping, with a fistful of papers filled with bullet points and vague options of personal change is that without clear directions and plans and focus, those bullet points make me land awfully hard. Like flat on my butt hard and that stings. I think ‘But why didn’t this work?’ and yet, I know.

This space has been quiet for a while, and yet, behind the curtains, it’s teeming with life. It’s like entering a darkened auditorium, an empty stage played out, but you know that back stage is vast amounts of scurrying and busyness and plans that are coming true. It’s taken a long time to rehearse the play, but very soon, the curtain will rise and it will begin.

That’s about to happen, friends. We’re close. There’s been some rehearsals, some re-writes, some script changes and costume design updates. There’s been a lot of dreaming. Lots of proverbial pictures have passed through my mind, some have been discarded and others stick around. The dress rehearsal is close and I’m so thankful for your patience, as well as my own. I am hoping the new direction and design will be a good one, for all of us. It feels pretty good so far.


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2 responses to “patience {just write 68}”

  1. My problem is that I always get so excited about new ideas that I jump into them without much contemplation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t wait to see your redesign and the new direction!

  2. Mia says:

    Hi Kate
    I find your blog through just write and it seems as if we are in for a surprise from you! Looking forward.
    Much love