A cold day to honor chilled soup

It’s National Vichyssoise Day;  a chilly November day and we will be honoring cold soup. Something just isn’t right about this picture. Like Ice Cream Sundae Day, it should be during one of those scorching months of summer where appreciating a cold food is actually a fun prospect, not one to make you shiver. Vichyssoise- […]

Of Baklava and Homemade bread

And I am a little shamed to admit that I didn’t prepare either one for their special day(s). Welcome to the slacker version of National Baklava Day and National Homemade Bread Day. It promises to be short and sweet. Literally. For what it’s worth I did intend to make some bread, but unless I seriously […]

The patron Saint of charcuterie

Today is National Fast Food Day but….ewww yuk….I recoiled in near horror when faced with this one. What kind of research would I have to do for this? I never eat fast food, never at all unless it’s a Mavericks pulled pork sandwich done Carolina style, slathered with a little chipotle horseradish and some sweet […]

15 down, 15 to go

Fifteen posts down for NaBloPoMo and fifteen more to go. So far so good. Today will be a fun post as it’s National Bundt Pan Day.  In Minnesota, we can boast not just the amazing four-season changes in weather coupled with temps that can range over 130 degrees in a single calendar year, but we […]

Apparently, it's all about green today

It’s National Pickle Day and National Guacamole Day. I suppose since ‘being green’ is the new buzzword phrase that everyone is throwing down- even computer software, which makes me think ‘What the heck is ‘green’ software?’- naturally having a green food day is apropos. Think pickles and you think cucumbers, you don’t think ‘process’ but […]

Obscure but delicious

When I was researching all these food holidays I recognized all but one of the foods on the calendar and the more I looked over the recipes for this particular item, the more I bounced back and forth between just wanting to talk about it, and wanting to stick my neck out and actually prepare […]

Food holiday mish-mash

Officially, we’re looking at National Chicken Soup Day and National Pizza with the Works (except Anchovies) Day. k, thanks…..bye Oh right, sorry there Chicken, a little humor insert, but that’s the extent of what I feel for these particular days- not a lot of excitement. How can you get excited about Chicken Soup? Or pizza […]

Tuesday's a good day for a Sundae

You would think that having a national holiday involving ice cream might be a great idea in, say July or some other typically hot month, but no…’s November 11th, and along with Veteran’s Day, today is National Ice Cream Sundae Day. It’s surprising what you come across when you research food holidays, like the official […]

What are the foreclosure rules on a Gingerbread house?

If I even begin to think, talk or silently debate about doing one of these next year, somebody smack me and duct tape my arms down until I come to my senses. But, that being said and with the fresh memory of just exactly how long this whole procedure took, the end result couldn’t help […]

Even the best of intentions leave us with 'Meh'

I fully intended to get into National Scrapple Day, learn about a new food and tell you all the meritable aspects of it, but what fell onto my plate did little else but make me eye the trash can and wish it was a different food holiday. Sorry about that, but I guess that I […]