There are moments, as someone’s Mom, that you can’t change regardless of how much you wish you could. The fall on the concrete, scrapes to the face and nose and a mouthful of sand. Slipping on ice and little teeth slamming down on a tender lip; blood….. so much blood. And a scar for life. […]

celebrating the abundance

The very first time I did NaBloPoMo, it was in 2007 and I used the theme of ‘Food Holidays’ to blog about every day. Did you know that just about every day of the month, and every month in a year has a national food holiday? For instance, November is National Pecan Month, Good Nutrition […]

on a learning curve

My new camera and I are getting along nicely, but it’s a whole new world to me, one I’m trying hard to get accustomed with. I am taking A LOT of photos, and then, deleting a lot of photos. I shoot in ‘Automatic’, watching the meter to see what it’s doing, then I switch to […]


This isn’t always my most favorite month. There’s something about November that seems transitional to me; a wrinkle in the calendar between Fall and Winter, the weather hanging in balance, at once cold and snowy, then balmy and mild. It teases, and the sun doesn’t shine much. It brings Thanksgiving, and then we slide in […]


I awoke this morning with a full heart, enriched from an experience last night that really blew me away. I’ll share it soon, when it manifests in reality. But it got me thinking, with Thanksgiving approaching, about everything that I’m brings me gratitude in my life. I could go on endlessly, because my life is […]

battling sleep

There is no moment darker than the middle of the night, when some tiny slip of interference inserts itself through my consciousness and rouses me from a deep restful sleep. The worst part about most of these moments is that there is nothing happening outside the cocoon of my bed that needs my attention. But […]

tying up the heart songs

I look around the table at the women gathered there and I’m caught, just a bit, by the warmth and authenticity sitting with me. I feel blessed, and caught up in the moment of our conversations, of life and marriage, parenting and food and everything in between. It’s chilly, and clear, but the wind is […]

a homegrown tomato

The stems and vines are withered, but the fruit holds on. Like the last of the season’s tomatoes, and peppers round as a globe just knew that this week of unseasonable warmth was coming and they’d have an excuse to reach their peak. “The frost won’t get to me.” They reassure, holding tight to the […]


I’m writing today, just because. Because I love writing, and I love Heather.Just because it’s almost October and change is everywhere. The trees, the clothes in my closets and shoes on my feet.There is change in the foods on our table, the light at dinnertime, the sound of school buses on the street; 7:15am and […]

owning my success

I can’t recall, nor can I find the exact date that I first hit the ‘Publish’ button on this blog and began this journey, but it happened in June, and it was five years ago, in 2006. There were hardly any food blogs then, and I really had no idea what I was getting myself […]