the Engine 2 challenge

May is looking a bit different around the kitchen. It’s a lot more green. And red. And purple. Don’t forget orange and yellow. I was invited by Whole Foods to take part in a 28-day challenge of consuming a plant-based diet, based on the best-selling book The Engine 2 Diet, written by firefighter Rip Esselstyn, […]

pushing through

Last Spring at this time, our perennial garden was full of glorious color. The tulips were opened…. The Creeping Phlox was a lovely carpet of purple…….   There were Johnny Jump Ups leaping up all around the garden beds. And I had managed to keep the Prairie Smoke from being devoured by hungry critters. Which, […]

some days just require improvising

As I write this, my boy is somewhere on the road between our home and the Southeastern USA, traveling across four states with his student leadership group from our church for a week-long missions trip to an impoverished area in the southern part of West Virginia. The road trip will take two days before they […]

Farro Pilaf with Gold Beets

Pictures can be amazing, can’t they? I sometimes surprise myself when I am going through the photos I’ve taken of my recipes. There are, without a doubt, the ones that hastily cause you to hit the ‘Delete’ key, shuddering in horror; they’re too close or too cloudy or they just don’t allow for one to […]