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Fruit Sauce

September 8th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

Kate’s Fruit Sauce

2 bags frozen fruit of choice or 4 c. total
1/2 c. dried fruit of choice
2 c. water
1 c. sugar (or to taste)
2 T. cornstarch

Dissolve sugar and cornstarch in water and add both fruits. Bring to a boil and simmer until thick, about 10 minutes. Cool and chill.

The particular batch shown has frozen cranberries and blueberries, about a half pint of fresh strawberries and golden raisins. It’s delicious on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, yogurt, cereal, muffins……you name it.

2 responses to “Fruit Sauce”

  1. Balisha says:

    Loved this post. I’m feeling the change of seasons too. I never thought of adding dried fruit with the frozen. I’ll bet the flavor is so much better. I’ll have to try it. I haven’t heard of that cereal before.
    I can remember those days when the kids started back to school. Especially the day your first born goes off into the world of school and then when that same child goes for his last year in high school. These milestones happen all through life…college, off to work, marriage, first grandchild. We Moms have to adapt and enjoy each moment with our family. We are always growing and changing.

  2. Isn’t it uncanny how back-to-school has the ability to throw you into a funk? It still happens to me, and I’m not in school and don’t have any children in school either! It must be something hard-wired in us. You know, Kate, I spoke with my older brother yesterday who is rather blue like you. His daughter is a senior in hs this year, and he’s at a loss to where 17 years have gone. You’re in my thoughts, dear friend.