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Day 30!!!!

November 30th, 2008 | 4 Comments »

Oh. My. GOSH!!!


I covered food holidays for the entire month of November, without fail for National Blog Posting Month. I researched, planned, experimented, baked, whipped, mixed, chilled, cooked, sampled and wrote my way through the month and let you know the results EVERY DAY! I faithfully sat down with my trusty computer and calendar every day and wrote whatever came out the tips of my fingers. Some days it just shone, other days it kinda fell flat. I misunderstood Scrapple and nearly started a war- Amy hon, thanks for lovingly and passionately setting me straight- and stared down a few recipes for a day or two before deciding I wasn’t interested in making them, preferring instead to just talking about them. I even toted my computer with me to church this morning and plopped myself into a WiFi hot spot afterward just to finish the month.

So today is National Mousse Day. I didn’t make mousse, although I could have but I have seriously- I kid you not-  spent the past four days cooking, baking and creating for Thanksgiving and then two family events happening over the past weekend, and quite frankly, I am really tired of being in the kitchen. I’ve basically exhausted my reserves for making food of any kind be it sweet, savory, tart or moussed and am really looking forward to a break. So are my stomach and thighs. I think they are happy that I didn’t whip together a large batch of rich chocolate-y velvet-like dessert. Whoever set up this last week of food holidays in November did not take into account arranging all that decadence- two pies, cake, french toast and mousse-  around the biggest food fest of the entire year.

But…..*sigh*…. I am DONE with my goal of completing the 30 Days of NaBloPoMo in food holiday fashion. It was really, really fun and I learned a lot. I also think I found some new blogging friends to hang out with in the big world of the Internets. I send ’round a big hearty ‘Thank You’ for coming to visit, make the nice comments that you all have and keep me motivated to continue. It wasn’t hard, but there were days that my fingers felt too idle for the goal, my brain too thick and unwilling to offer up its usual creative prose. But I did it. And it was great fun.

I’ll be idle for a while as I recover and re-group for December. See you soon!!

4 responses to “Day 30!!!!”

  1. Woo-hoo! Yippee! Way to go! 🙂

    Really, well done, Kate.

  2. lily says:

    Congrats! I did, even though the entry I posted from my phone last night didn’t get up until this morning because it got stuck in cybersomewhere, but I know when I wrote it so it counts! WOOO! These last two days were definitely the toughest!!!

  3. pipinthecity says:

    wow, you did it! Congrats, Kate! I can just imagine how hard that could be… lately I´m averaging a post a month hahaha

  4. katessisterkris says:

    I looked forward to every day to see just what you had come up with – and you never failed to be entertaining or at least yummy looking. Kudos to you Katiekins!!

    And now, Encore, Encore!! ( just kidding! )