this is 50

 Today is my 50th birthday. It’s hard to wrap your head around 50 years of living. I’ve tried a lot in the last months to make sense of this journey, to see, in looking backwards, how the years past have shaped and formed the ‘Me’ that is celebrating a half century of life today. Sometimes […]

these little things

I’m awakened by the familiar creak of the floorboard outside our bedroom door as Mike brings a steaming cup of coffee in to the room for me. He opens the blind to the morning light, kisses me lightly and leaves me to sip, awaken and stretch in the quiet. It’s one of our most beloved […]


Two years ago, without even knowing why, the word ‘mindful’ came to me on a cold January morning in 2012, and sank like a stone in to my heart. It stayed there for the next 12 months, sprouting upwards in consciousness through interactions at work, with my friends, my family and with my actions. I […]

reflecting, forward and back

My current view is a darkened house, lit only by Christmas lights on the tree, and draped over various banisters and cabinet tops in my main level. If only it was appropriate to have these twinkling multi-colored lights and deep green strands cascading everywhere, all year long, I surely would as it’s the most soothing […]

~ 11 years ~

August 17, 2002. 11 Things I’ve learned in 11 years of marriage 1. It’s ok to not figure it all out right away. You have time. Lots of time. The key is to just keep trying. 2. Sometimes a hug is all you need to bridge the space that’s come between you. 3. Never underestimate […]

this is my reality

Not the most novel thought concept, but there is way too much noise in our lives, and not just the auditory kind. For anyone who spends time wrapped up in social media outlets, you end up bombarded with a mega-dose of someone else’s perception of their lives, a constant barrage of images, minutiae pieces of […]

loss, and love

Loss is everywhere right now, as the country reels from the horror at yesterday’s Boston Marathon, but the loss I’m going to talk to you about today is much, much closer to home.

merry christmas to all…..

We have the smallest amount of snow possible, the rock hard leftovers from the 15 inches that fell on the 9th, then melted, re-froze and eventually got rained on a week later. So technically, we’ll have a white Christmas, but not the magical white, sparkling like a lit up spruce tree. We’ll definitely have cold […]

instagram friday….. and vacation stats

I sure hope you didn’t miss me. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t miss Minnesota much at all, nor did I even think much about it, or the people, the impending Fall and it’s glorious colors or really, much of anything. Except my furbabies. {{place your cursor over the photos to get a description of them}} […]

ten years

“Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.”   ~Simone Signoret     “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” ~Sam Keen   I married at 38, and by that time in […]