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January 1st, 2014 | 1 Comment »

Two years ago, without even knowing why, the word ‘mindful’ came to me on a cold January morning in 2012, and sank like a stone in to my heart. It stayed there for the next 12 months, sprouting upwards in consciousness through interactions at work, with my friends, my family and with my actions. I stopped and paid attention whenever ‘mindful’ crossed my life and by the end of the year, it was ingrained as a part of me in everything I did.

Last year, the same thing happened, and ‘growth’ became the word that I focused on each day. But it wasn’t until far in to 2013 that I discovered this #oneword365 movement of mindfulness and focus, on choosing a single word to sift through your life for a year and make lasting changes. I was floored at the thought that somewhere, my mind had received this information without even knowing the source and used it to enact a fitting change to my daily interactions. Once again, it was clear that the hand of God was working in me beyond my understanding.

And there was a lot of growth this past year, much of it in very subtle ways. I took on a great deal of physical growth in the way I cared for body through weight-training and exercise, working up to attending three Body Pump classes a week, biking to the Y as much as possible, getting out for walks with Mike; there was a lot of growth throughout the year in my job, far too much detail to get in to here, but I saw three General Managers cross my path in 2013, highly unusual no doubt, and chaotic, too. I like consistency in my job (and my life, really) and the ups and downs of that made this past year difficult at work. I’m hoping that 2014 evens out in that area, now that we have a permanent leader there. As always, there is growth in relationships as well, both at home and with friends. It became clear to me this past year that some friendships and connections had to be released, that they were no longer bringing anything positive to my life, that even their words seemed to grate against my heart. It’s hard when that happens, but I recognize deeply that I need to surround myself with people that bring the good to my life, that show up when needed, that celebrate joy with you and are there to lean on when the ground trembles.

There was a lot of personal growth, too, as I felt myself moving closer to realizing that there is a deep potential in me that I have yet to allow to break loose. As I look back, I can see clearly that I need to stretch myself and reach out towards that potential, that mulling it over in my head was a way to accept that this growth is necessary.

For 2014, my one word came early, many weeks ago as I sat, wrapped in a blanket against the cold December day and gave thought to where I wanted life to take me in the coming year.

Like a meteor from the sky, simplify settled in deep.

I didn’t need any more prompting, because I now know that God has for me more ideas, plans and beauty than I can possibly comprehend. Simplify is perfect, after a year of growth, after a year of mindful. In making life easier, it will require letting go of what is holding me back and moving in to a deeper sense of self. I’m not kidding myself that my life will be easier, or simpler in this transition, but the gain and reward will be far greater than the journey.

And settling in to what I am truly called to be WILL simplify my life. 

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through the One Word site. Simplify is my one word this year, too. I’d love to keep up with you!