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Update on Harmon

September 28th, 2009 | 15 Comments »

Photo on 2009-09-28 at 13.07

Harmon is doing better, thanks to a steroid prescribed on Saturday. The stitches from the surgery are starting to fall out, and he allows me to gently rub the incision with my fingertip. The surgery was two weeks ago today. I’m hoping to be able to clip out the remaining stitches, as I think they are itching him quite a bit.

The swelling that came as a result of the other mass became very bad, and was alarming to us. The steroid has helped reduce this, plus he managed to scratch it open and the amount that drained out was beneficial as well. Had this not occurred, we likely would have needed to lance it, as it looked terrible and was clearly uncomfortable. Thankfully he didn’t need that procedure. The other mass in his chin has gone down in size, but I can still feel it. His mood is better, he eats better- thanks to the steroid- and on Saturday night, for the first time in months, he climbed the stairs to our bedroom and got on the bed, snuggling up against my legs all night long. He even got up in the night, went downstairs for a drink and then came back up again for more snuggling. That to me was a clear sign that he has improved.

The hardest part now is not to become complacent about him, which I am trying hard not to think about. I can’t think that he’s fine, I can’t let go of the sorrow. He still has cancer. He is still sick, but I guess this could be called a reprieve, or maybe even a remission. He is very thin, comparatively, and it is still obvious to me that it’s difficult for him to eat as well as he should. But anything, for now, is a reason to rejoice. And for taking more time to draw him as close as he will allow, and bury myself in his fur as much as I can.

15 responses to “Update on Harmon”

  1. I’ve just found your blog, and immediately saw the Harmon posts. I think I’ve read them all. My heart is breaking for you. I went through this with my cat too, and the only way that I could do it was one day at a time. Every morning I looked at him and asked myself, “Is it today?” and if the answer was ‘no’, then I enjoyed him that day–no regrets, no fears, no wondering what it would be like without him. One day, the answer was “yes, it’s today”. I held him while he died, safe in my arms. It broke my heart. I’m crying now about it. But I only had to do it once, not every day of that last year. I think it made a difference for both of us.

    Good luck to you and Harmon. I wish you many more days of love.

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering how he is doing.
    You have a tough road ahead of you still, but I am glad that he is at least feeling somewhat better now. Thinking of you!

  3. katie says:

    We just got a reprieve on our dog today – we hope. She had a stroke yesterday. No improvement yet, but we hope.

  4. Tiki & Kesey says:

    We are glad that Harmon is doing better. If he is having trouble eating, you might try some meat baby food (check the label for onions). Purrs & woofs.

  5. Balisha says:

    Sending you and Harmon all my hugs…Balisha

  6. glad to hear of our reprise! Enjoy every moment! You both deserve it! 🙂

  7. momsbusy says:

    so glad to hear harmon is feeling a bit better. your facial expression in the picture shows how much harmon means to you. it brought tears to my eyes and brought back those feelings. i know what you are feeling as i have been there before. you feel like you never want to let go – you can’t let go – not now – maybe never. we are sending comforting purrs and healing purrayers for your family.

    momsbusy & y2kt

  8. The Meezers says:

    Good job Harmon? We is glad you is feeling better!!!!

  9. We’re happy that Harmon is feeling better. We continue to purr for him and hope he continues to improve…take it one day at a time…and enjoy each one…

  10. Glad Harmon is feeling better. We purray that you will have plenty of time with him still. We are thankful that you reminded us that we should enjoy every moment we have…

  11. Suzanne says:

    Glad to hear the Harmon is feeling better today. I hope he will continue to improve. We will be purring for you.

  12. Astrid says:

    (((hugs to you my friend)))
    We all love Harmon and are glad he is feeling better. Please enjoy the time you have together as much as you both can.

    purrrs and gentle scritches from the kitties
    love from me 🙂

  13. ML says:

    So glad to hear he is feeling better.
    We are all purring and purraying for him.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & KC

  14. […] Harmon is better, thankfully. But we’re trying not to be complacent about it. ~Kate […]

  15. We’re glad to hear that Harmon is feeling better. We’re going to keep purring and purraying for him.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids