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miscellaneous december

January 4th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

Seems that funk I fell into at the end of December included a complete mind wipe of some important occurrences, a few pretty cool happenings that I simply ignored on the blog. That is, until I downloaded the photos off my camera, and at 110 of them, I missed sharing some stuff, people.

Like the mother of all blizzards that socked us in with 20″ of snow.

And left all of us a little bit awed.

A week later, we dragged an enormous freshly cut Balsam pine through that snow for our Christmas tree.

My decades old Jade plant gave us a spectacular display of Christmas foliage.

In the dark of December, the natives got a little restless.

And I drove from the extreme Northern part of the Cities to the extreme Southern end, to spend a Friday night in a bar with some awesome friends, drink beer and sing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ out loud with Tim Mahoney. I barely recognized myself.

Then Mother Nature played a cruel trick, sent us a rainstorm to welcome in the New Year and turned the most glorious snow I’ve seen in years into rock hard and useless piles of ice that we’re stuck with until April. Yeah, happy freaking 2011. No wonder I slipped into a funk.

But….. it’s over. The funk, that is. Time to move on…….

2 responses to “miscellaneous december”

  1. darcie says:

    So glad you made it down to the southern part of the state to hang out with us – next time – we’ll meet in the middle – or, maybe closer to your neck of the woods –


  2. tracy says:

    You all are so adorable!