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odds & ends

February 17th, 2011 | Comments Off on odds & ends

There’s been a few happenings around here that need warrant of a mention.

The Cooking Connections Chat I co-hosted on The Motherhood happened last week on February 9th. I talked about this prior to the actual night.

The chat, hosted by Vera and Bill Sweeney was a swift half hour of spirited talk about how we connect with each other through cooking and food. There’s a transcript of the entire chat, with comments upon comments and if you’re interested in reading through it, you can find that here.

I’m really enjoying all the aspects of the community I’ve found within The Motherhood; they have a lot of message boards to utilize, covering all aspects of life and parenting and I enjoy being able to share bits and pieces of what I do with the people there. There are A LOT of really useful chats to be found as well and you are bound to discover something useful to you there.

Another happening that occurred recently was that a Twitter connection of mine asked to interview me for a blog post he wanted to write about brand loyalty. Gregg Voss writes the blog Brand Empire where he explores what can make or break a particular brand. I had attended a dinner at Corner Table in Minneapolis, sponsored by Muir Glen tomatoes and Gregg was interested in delving further into my relationship with this particular brand of canned tomatoes, and what my ideas were about supermarket brands in general. If you are interested, you can find the blog post that he wrote here.

There are other fun events coming up, as well as some delicious posts that I’ve queued up for you. I’ll be off learning my new job in the coming weeks but rest assured you’ll get plenty of content still. A new job!?! For money!??? Yes, really! It’s an exciting new adventure that’s perfect for me and I’m thrilled to start. Wish me luck!!

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