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instagram friday

June 8th, 2012 | Comments Off on instagram friday

By the time I return to my little corner of the blogging world next week, we’ll have a high school graduate in the house. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

But this past week? Not cool. Warm. Hot even. And it was gloriously, perfectly June; weather that begged to be enjoyed and appreciated, because technically, it’s Summer and it’s an ever-so-short three months of sheer madness and ecstasy in the state of Minnesota.

So enjoy I did.

I took a long bike ride and spotted a lovely lady.

Remember this picture from my Memorial weekend butterfly extravaganza? I hadn’t identified the top left butterfly, but I finally learned that it’s a Pearl Crescent.

There was ample blue sky and sunshine this week, but also a perfectly June-like thunderstorm, preceded by a gorgeous sky.

Flowers bloomed in abundance. I love that aspect of early Summer.

And cats slept in silly poses.

There were some pretty amazing finds this past week too…….
Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Cookies {{Yes, please!!}}
A Potato Salad for all summer long
Cocoa Chai Granola- perfect combo of chocolate and spice
Perfect scones for Strawberry Season
Scroll down the the very last picture in this post and TRY not to gasp out loud.
{{unless you’re my husband…..}}
A cutting board I covet
A cookbook I got that I can’t wait to explore
(you should explore the website….

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