wordless instagram friday

I’ll just let the photos do the talking. It’s been a pretty busy week. {{you can hover over any photo to see a description of it….}}  {{I apparently have a big thing for single, perfect deep red leaves all laying alone}} And the good stuff…… More vegetarian burger options…. this time a Millet, Kale and […]

instagram friday

It’s Friday!? {{We went a bit muffin crazy this week. Did you notice?}} Mike and I stopped to gaze at  this amazing sunset on Saturday as we drove home from church. The day had been blustery and raw, but late afternoon brought a break in the dark heavy clouds, enough to catch this glorious sight […]

instagram friday

Back to routine, life, cats, food, drink and for now, Fall color. It’s glorious, and everywhere on Instagram. I will never get tired of the blazing red and bright orange of Fall. I was blessed to be able to get very close to this lovely creature on a hike through Otter Lake Regional Park. It […]

instagram friday….. and vacation stats

I sure hope you didn’t miss me. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t miss Minnesota much at all, nor did I even think much about it, or the people, the impending Fall and it’s glorious colors or really, much of anything. Except my furbabies. {{place your cursor over the photos to get a description of them}} […]

instagram friday…. and a vacation

Vacation. Isn’t that a perfect word? We’re taking one, too. A long one, and long overdue. Our last family vacation was to the Grand Canyon in 2008, which was stunning and lovely and rather short, but it accomplished what it needed to do. This one we’re embarking on as of Sunday is EPIC. We’re packing […]

instagram friday

This past week was a bit sluggish, what with a few days of feeling a noticeable lack of energy, complete with some swollen glands and a sense of general malaise. I took a day off work, I sat on the couch a lot, drinking iced tea and a lot of water and I read a […]

instagram friday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an Instagram Friday. How’s everyone been? Enjoying your summer? August has been spectacular for us- just glorious weather and perfect Summer days. What a nice treat from the heat and humidity of July. The best part about the past few weeks is that an amazing transformation took […]

{instagram} friday

It’s a Friday {{again}} and I have a weekend off {{AGAIN!!}} and tomorrow my boy leaves for his second Missions trip to Mexico, after which Mike and I embark on a week of no kid obligations. Suffice to say, we’re looking forward to it a lot. Our week started out on a sad note when […]

instagram friday

The season of heat, and plenty, seemed to sum up this week in my Instagram feed. I have to admit that I love what this heat and humidity does to my hair. And who doesn’t love the peak of freshness from the Farmers Market in July?? There was also a bountiful vegetarian potluck I attended….. […]

instagram & photo friday

Happy Friday errrr…. Saturday everyone! (What?? You’ve never written a post that you forgot to publish??) Moving on……. This week’s weather was perfect for some outdoor activity. I spent a glorious afternoon with a dear friend and her two daughters, taking in fresh air, sunshine, water, ducks, laughter and baby toes, catching up after much too […]