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instagram friday

July 20th, 2012 | Comments Off on instagram friday

The season of heat, and plenty, seemed to sum up this week in my Instagram feed.

I have to admit that I love what this heat and humidity does to my hair.

And who doesn’t love the peak of freshness from the Farmers Market in July??

There was also a bountiful vegetarian potluck I attended….. and… uh……


There’s inevitable feline shots, of course.

One of my favorite shots I’ve ever posted on Instagram is this one of a fountain that I took with my DSLR camera. I love how the filters make it look so light and airy, bringing out all the spray of the water.

And for fun, I threw in a few shots of photos found around the web.

What’s been on my mind this week??

A terrifying and harsh article of global truth

I keep coming back to this one: “There is a particular type of beauty in honesty.”

And re-thinking the means of doing what I love

Peaches are perfect and outstanding right now.

And it’s blueberry picking time everywhere.

But there’s always lemon as the perfect stand-by.  {{thank you Marion Cunningham}}

Perfect pasta for summer

Perfect salsa for summer

Perfect cake for celebrating a culinary icon  {{thank you, Julia Child}}


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