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instagram friday

August 31st, 2012 | 1 Comment »

This past week was a bit sluggish, what with a few days of feeling a noticeable lack of energy, complete with some swollen glands and a sense of general malaise. I took a day off work, I sat on the couch a lot, drinking iced tea and a lot of water and I read a lot of material that had accumulated around me, unopened and ignored.

But still, life happened around me. I did get to the Minnesota State Fair on a gorgeous day to spend time with good friends, enjoying good craft beer, some delicious food and a riotously funny 1980’s cover band that had me falling down laughing while I danced and sang myself into a state of exhaustion.

My friend Matt, who writes the lovely blog Thyme in our Kitchen entered a gorgeous cake in the Fair and won Third Prize. A visit to see this in person was warranted. Aren’t those chocolate ribbons beautiful?!

 My friend Stacey and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Marjorie Johnson right outside this display case that held Matt’s cake. Marjorie holds the honor of winning the most blue ribbons for baking in the State Fair’s history, and we struck up a conversation with her, telling her about Matt’s cake. It was in her well-honed opinion that he should have won a Blue Ribbon because, in her words:

“Well, just LOOK at that cake! How lovely is that? Compared to those plain ones next to it, he should have won first prize.” 

So there you have it. Stacey and I were tickled to have talked with such an icon.

The Seed Art at the Fair always astonishes me.

Yet, we were left a little perplexed about this outfit though.

Those seed pods are the heads of Purple Coneflower plants. It raised more than our eyebrows among spectators.

Moving along…….

There was a particularly bountiful trip to the Farmers Market, where I scored Sweet Potato Fingerlings. This visit cost me $23.

Ever eaten toasted flatbread spread with Brie and topped with chopped red grapes??  I highly recommend it.

I learned that I should never go outside to enjoy a summer night on the patio at snack time.

Unusual Sleeping Position #7,120

The deliciousness…….

Amanda’s Zesty Black Bean and Sweet Corn Slaw (oh yes….. yes indeed!!)

Tofu for Tofu Haters.  AKA: Get. On. Board.

Grain salads make my heart go all a-flutter

Need anymore Kale inspiration???

Have I mentioned this Maple Scented Cornbread?? I need some good maple syrup. Stat.

My kind of breakfast. Or lunch. Or…. you know, dinner.

Isn’t this just GORGEOUS!!?? {{not to mention delicious looking…..}}

I simply MUST make this before fresh corn season is over. Just…. WOW

With that, have a wonderful weekend. See you in September.

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  1. I think I may have to enter the wearable crop art next year! Thanks for the shout out! It would be fun to do a group event next year at the fair.