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instagram friday

June 15th, 2012 | Comments Off on instagram friday

Another week done and over, and we’re sliding all over the place on the weather scale in Minnesota. Ultra hot and windy days are followed by chilly rain and clouds, and now the heat is ramping back up again, along with increasing humidity.

My week started out on a very high note.

And after a whirlwind weekend of family, friends and celebration, we all crashed. Hard.

In the midst of the chaos, with family, happy children and a lot of amazing food, stood a bouquet of sunshine for all to see.

In a moment of frivolity and boredom, there were shadow puppets.

I spent a lovely afternoon at Dehn Herb Gardens on Wednesday, walking through greenhouse after greenhouse of fresh herbs and lettuces, rich with oxygen and plant life. My head felt clearer when I left there than it has felt in a long time. I took home a huge box of fresh lettuce and another of basil. Guess what was for dinner that night?

{{the best pesto I have ever had in my life}}

There were other delicious things happening in my kitchen this week too. With cool weather, I always get the urge to bake.

{{Blueberry Oat Quick Bread with sunken blueberries- that trick of coating them in flour does not work}}

Grilled vegetables, anyone?

I spy a swath of light from the setting sun, still visible at 10:15pm.

And of course, there were all the delicious finds…….

My obsession with vegetarian burgers knows no limits

Or the endless ways to combine pasta and vegetables

See what I mean?

I mean, really? I am obsessed.

Super summery light eating with these easy Summer Rolls

Happiness is always a choice

A perfect book for the introverts of the world

My current cookbook love.



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