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instagram friday

June 22nd, 2012 | 1 Comment »

Our poor state has had a tumultuous and destructive week, weather wise; a deluge of rain has fallen, inundating parts of the state with floodwaters, severe thunderstorms jolted us out of bed two nights in a row and the heat soared along with the humidity. Summer came with a vengeance. Still, as always with Summer, there is plenty to enjoy and appreciate. I won’t share a photo of the what the weeds in my garden have done in this heat, though. That’s hardly something to go on about.

Fathers Day weekend was very enjoyable, beginning with a date night dinner out that included a walk across the Mississippi River at St. Anthony Falls, thunderous from the recent rains.

And ended with a leisurely drive for ice cream.

Monday morning I’m always greeted with this look, silently pleading with me to stay home. Now.

I enjoyed an intimate gathering with other food bloggers at the kitchens of one of our most popular local food trucks, The Chef Shack. There was food, good beer and a guided tour of the three iconic red trucks.

There also was a great deal of cooking, in spite the heat.

Ginger Nectarine Cake, anyone? Stay tuned for the recipe.

Plenty of good grilling happened……

This week’s delicious discoveries…….

 It’s all about salad.

And more salad

Think I’m joking?

I would never joke about salad

The Mother Lode of Salad

Then of course, there’s the grilling options

And tasty snacks or appetizers

Don’t forget desserts, either

Because the possibilities right now are endless!


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  1. I’m posting a nectarine recipe next week too. They are so good, but I rarely think to buy them!