supremely good hot fudge

From scratch. Yes. Crank up your exercise resolve if you make it. The Teen and I were searching for some hot fudge to put into a batch of Rice Krispie Bars, and….. What? Of course, you heard me right!! Silly- I wouldn’t fib about this. Most people just go ahead and use Cocoa Krispies to […]

winter fruit compote

My apologies for starting this post out using the word ‘Winter’ in the title. Those of us in the northern climes are still experiencing a gorgeous Fall- and the sunshine that we’ve had through the early part of November is dazzling. And so unexpected. November around here is equated with a dense gray expanse of […]

magnetic poetry

Remember Magnetic Poetry? Those kits with all the tiny magnetic words that you could put on your fridge and get creative with? Well I had a book- a magnetic poetry book with a pouch and a magnet board. I used to like to keep it in the car when Griffin was younger, and sometimes he […]


It doesn’t take much to change your perspective, the view from our eyes. A moment, a turn of the head, a glance in the other direction, a good night’s sleep, a loved one’s calming words. We rarely see our life’s moments in the same light as others, and it helps for us to step outside […]

the after effects

Remember this? Yeah, no big deal, right? A little fender bender, yep. At least on the 22nd, that’s what it appeared to be. Well it’s not. Not at all in any way. That’s an Audi. An import. They are awesome vehicles but we’re finding that they don’t come cheap. We knew this, really. Yet this […]

feet first into november….. and NaBloPoMo

I probably should let you in a on some information, lest you wonder why I’ve suddenly gotten a tad more verbose these days; I’m participating in National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. Every November, bloggers are challenged to post daily to their sites, and I last jumped into this fray in 2008. My NaBloPoMo then […]