nutella pound cake

Pretty fantastic ending….. wouldn’t you agree??? There is a class of food folks that live for dessert. No meal is complete without some amazing sweet at the end of it- a slice of cake, a bowl of ice cream, some creamy gelato, a chewy brownie or a few crisp cookies; there is just no way […]


There are moments, as someone’s Mom, that you can’t change regardless of how much you wish you could. The fall on the concrete, scrapes to the face and nose and a mouthful of sand. Slipping on ice and little teeth slamming down on a tender lip; blood….. so much blood. And a scar for life. […]

slow cooked comfort

Long slow cooking processes make some of the most intensely satisfying meals, especially on a chilly day. Something simmering on the stovetop, or in a crockpot or oven has a soothing effect against a cold wind knocking the windows, lashing bare branches about. One of my most favorite meals as a kid was our regular […]

celebrating the abundance

The very first time I did NaBloPoMo, it was in 2007 and I used the theme of ‘Food Holidays’ to blog about every day. Did you know that just about every day of the month, and every month in a year has a national food holiday? For instance, November is National Pecan Month, Good Nutrition […]

thanksgiving recovery

Thanksgiving is over, and with it goes the indulgent meals and heavy, rich food. I was exhausted by the time dinner was over on Thursday, and was asleep by 9pm or so. The following day, Mike and I took a nice hike through Otter Lake Regional Park, stretching our legs, pumping oxygen and working off […]

on a learning curve

My new camera and I are getting along nicely, but it’s a whole new world to me, one I’m trying hard to get accustomed with. I am taking A LOT of photos, and then, deleting a lot of photos. I shoot in ‘Automatic’, watching the meter to see what it’s doing, then I switch to […]


For the many blessings in my life……. For the abundance that sustains us, the grace that guides us, the joy that fills us, and the friends that warm us. May you all have a blessed and delicious Thanksgiving!!    

thanksgiving leftovers

There’s almost as much talk about re-purposing leftovers from Thanksgiving as there is talk of how to prepare the meal. Everyone loves something unique about the Thanksgiving meal; for one person it’s the succulent bird, for another they can’t get enough of the stuffing (or dressing, depending on regional dialect). Someone else loves the potatoes, […]


This isn’t always my most favorite month. There’s something about November that seems transitional to me; a wrinkle in the calendar between Fall and Winter, the weather hanging in balance, at once cold and snowy, then balmy and mild. It teases, and the sun doesn’t shine much. It brings Thanksgiving, and then we slide in […]

hearty ragu with soft polenta

This dish, if I wanted something really meaty and amazing, would be the first thing I turn to in order to quench that carnivorous desire. I made this back in late winter, in that transitional time between seasons where it isn’t always cold but it’s not exactly warm either, and it was perfect to fill […]