We’re renovating our Master bathroom, and it’s just as fun and exciting as it sounds. Mike is pretty handy, and I have some skills of my own, so we’re doing all the work ourselves. Obviously, we aren’t casting and pouring our new countertop and sink, and we’re not molding the tile for the floor one […]

~ 11 years ~

August 17, 2002. 11 Things I’ve learned in 11 years of marriage 1. It’s ok to not figure it all out right away. You have time. Lots of time. The key is to just keep trying. 2. Sometimes a hug is all you need to bridge the space that’s come between you. 3. Never underestimate […]

instagram friday….. and vacation stats

I sure hope you didn’t miss me. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t miss Minnesota much at all, nor did I even think much about it, or the people, the impending Fall and it’s glorious colors or really, much of anything. Except my furbabies. {{place your cursor over the photos to get a description of them}} […]

the good guys

It’s Fathers Day. And in my son’s life there have been two amazing men who have taken on the role of raising him who were never asked, nor expected to do so. My brother Mike, in the photo above, has been a constant in Griffin’s life since the moment he was born, and they share […]

instagram friday

It’s June already, the first day of ‘official summer’. Let’s hope the weather catches up with the calendar. It’s been a bit chilly lately, and the warm days are few and far between. This past week was pretty low key; I had five days off work over the Memorial Weekend, and I spent a lot […]

instagram friday

My friend Mary, the talented photographer behind White Peach Photography, and the kind and giving heart who gifted Clara to me has a feature on her blog called Instagram Friday where she highlights her week through her Instagram stream. Last week, in her Facebook post about it, I mentioned that I would love to do […]

life lately, in pictures

Spring time is glorious, isn’t it? Even those intense spring thunderstorms when the sky turns black and the rain comes in torrents, blocking out everything. {{photo from the StarTribune website. This is the St Paul Cathedral on May 3rd}} I so love this time of year, when the air is sweet with growth and flowers […]

what 48 looks like

It’s my birthday. I’m 48. It sounds odd to say; 48 years and plenty of life gone past. But, it isn’t so bad. At heart, I don’t feel 48. My friends tell me they can’t believe I’m 48 (do they not see the wrinkles??) ¬†and I can’t understand how I got to be this age. […]

beauty products from your kitchen

I’ve been paying attention to all things food for as far back as I can recall, and the more in-depth I go with food, in all aspects of my life, the more I can see over my lifetime that it’s been in me since I was just a little kid. Back in the early years […]

my valentine

He is the least romantic person I know, and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. {{and he knows that I feel this way about him. Funny thing is, he agrees}} And Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that we pay any particular attention to in our marriage. After nearly 11 years together, there […]