little things

For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things in life, you know, those tiny aspects of your day that maybe you don’t always think about, but doing them makes you happy and feel better, and not doing them kind of stinks. Such as….. ~~ always having something in the car for […]


~~ for my health, especially following last month’s car accident. ~~ for the fact that last month’s car accident was not serious ~~ for good insurance, oh thank goodness for good insurance ~~ for the 5 kittens and their mama who were rescued last month, and that someone may open their hearts and homes to […]

friday fun

Well I did it now. I mentioned winter. And snow. And apparently tomorrow Minnesota will get it’s first significant snowfall. But will we see something like this? Or will it be more like this? It sounds like it will be wet, and in our area North of the Twin Cities we might not see much […]

kitchen insight, and 3-Bean Chili

Here’s the thing about the works going on in my kitchen; they aren’t perfect or always balanced although I do strive for the most nutritional value I can find. We don’t dine exquisitely, sampling wonderful fare every night. I don’t pore through cookbook after cookbook stuffing pages with notes, markings, tabs and ratings. Sometimes I […]

magnetic poetry

Remember Magnetic Poetry? Those kits with all the tiny magnetic words that you could put on your fridge and get creative with? Well I had a book- a magnetic poetry book with a pouch and a magnet board. I used to like to keep it in the car when Griffin was younger, and sometimes he […]

this face, this life

{this photo makes me weep- it’s my Mom, and Griffin when he was 2 weeks old} My boy is a Junior in High School this year. I repeat this to myself often, trying to implant it in my head in a way that makes it sound familiar enough, like I’m truly talking about my own child […]

a slip of season

Well, hello August. I can’t say I’m thrilled to see August because it’s sort of reminding me of all the summer that’s now past and how little I’ve been able to enjoy  a most fleeting time. I can count on one hand the number of farmers market trips I’ve made. Just yesterday I shook out […]

blueberries in the summer rain

I’ve been picking blueberries at John and Terry Cuddy’s Rush River Produce in Maiden Rock, WI for about 5 years now. And in doing so have encountered all sorts of weather on the chosen days that I make the long and gorgeous drive to their beautiful farm. Most days I am lucky to enjoy ample sunshine […]

summer speaks

This summer is no usual summer for me. At least not like the past five or so years when the span between May and September often found me barefoot, my head in the breezes and most likely staring down a day with little to no agenda. No, my friends, this summer is much different. There […]

unveiling my passions

It seems like this past year has put me in contact with a large number of very passionate people; people who love what they do whether it’s their chosen vocation, their family or a particular cause. Being around them is almost addictive. There’s a glow, a determination and a sense of joy in them when […]