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grilled guacamole

July 23rd, 2010 | 11 Comments »

No, that isn’t a misprint. I made guacamole on the grill.


The idea came from The Minimalist’s 101 Grilling ideas column in the New York Times Dining section, and since we’re huge fans of Guacamole in this house, it wasn’t long before the desire to create it, and the assembled ingredients were ready for my initial attempt.

I’m no stranger to grilling onions or tomatoes. In previous summers, I’ve made a topping for bruschetta with grilled tomato and sweet onions that I’ve devoured shamelessly, and this summer for some reason, the desire for grilled onions on any number of dishes has been almost an obsession. I’m finding more and more to like about onions, whether they’re roasted, caramelized in a pan or like this, charred and slightly smoky from the grill.

There’s no technique to making this Guacamole at all. The key is mostly in preparing the items for the grill. Tomato and avocado should be ripe, but not too ripe due to the fact that they soften intensely on the grill. My avocados were more firm than I would have chosen for a standard preparation, but they worked beautifully in the intense heat of the grill. Carve them in half and remove the pit, then brush a little oil over them. Halve your tomatoes, and slice the onions into thick rounds so they are easy to handle. Give those a smear of oil too. ย And be sure not to forget the limes! They become a sweeter version of their usual tart self from the heat of the flames.

Place all the items face down on the grill. And here’s where your personal preference will come in. Do you like a lightly toasted taste? Or do you prefer a nice grill-marked char? Do be careful about the tomato; if you overdo it, it will collapse into the fire. I prefer to put the tomato on the hottest part of the grill and watch it carefully until I notice the edges beginning to soften just a little, becoming dark where it touches the grill. I flip it over and let it cook for a few more minutes, then remove it to a pan to rest. The skin usually comes off.

For the rest of the items, leave them in place until they are nicely marked and beginning to soften. Turn the avocado over so the peel side is down on the grate and cook them until they become soft and compliant. Flip over the lime halves too so the rind is down, and watch for the pulp to almost collapse. At this point, you’re not going to get juice from the limes, but you will get a deliciously smoky lime pulp for your Guacamole that gives it that familiar and tangy ‘Zing!’ that only a good lime can offer. And those onions can be cooked to any degree you wish.

Once you’ve got all the grilling done, allow everything to cool off. Chop the tomato and onion, scoop out the avocado and squeeze the limes into a bowl. Do be cautious of the amount of lime you put in; remember that the pulp will become more intense from being heated, and you may not need as much as you think. Add in whatever seasonings you prefer.

There was no photo of the finished version of this Guacamole because, well…. Guacamole all mixed up isn’t exactly photogenic. It didn’t look any different than what you would make normally, but the flavor was stunning. Smoky and rich, it had depth that I wouldn’t have imagined Guacamole could have. Everything became sweeter, and deeply flavorful from the heat and flames of the grill. Our love for Guacamole was definitely enhanced by this version. It didn’t last long at all and I can’t wait to make it again.

11 responses to “grilled guacamole”

  1. Great post and website! I have bookmarked it and will check back ofter. I also linked you to my site.

  2. Thanks. I am always looking for ways to better grow or better prepare the food from my garden. Eating healthier has really helped me keep my waistline in check.

  3. JDerek says:

    hmm delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My Aley says:

    Thanks for the great specifics..

  5. Hey there – Thanks so much for the recipe – we made it last week and it was so incredibly EASY!!!. – Joanne

  6. Vibey says:

    Now, I haven’t tasted this yet but I know it IS delish, thanks to many recipes I have cooked from Diana Kennedy’s books, where she specifies a grilled tomato here, a grilled chili there. The smokiness just gives whatever it is you’re cooking so much of an extra something. I think this recipe would make a great pairing with her Sikil P’ak dip next time I’m asked to bring a plate. Thanks!

  7. Ok, so I’ve always kind of considered myself a guacamole master. Not to toot my own horn, but I make a mean guac. But bravo to you. This is totally new to me! Who would have ever thought about grilled guacamole! I can’t wait to try this!!!

  8. NY Limousine Companies says:

    I think this is one of the healthiest vegetables. It always helps satisfies my hunger and doesn’t have much calories versus the amount.

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  10. Chris says:

    Genius! I’m all about using grilled ingredients in otherwise traditional dishes (like my recent grilled stir fry). I’ll have to try this soon, great inspiration!

  11. Maddie says:

    What a fantastic idea! I don’t have a grill myself, but I’ll be traveling home this weekend, and every meal save breakfast will be cooked outside. I’ll have to throw some avocado halves over the fire and try this. ๐Ÿ™‚