blueberry/coconut/macadamia muffins

For starters, there are WAY too many vowels in this muffin description!! But they are worth every twisted tongue and exhaustible explanation because they are fragrant, tropical and fabulous. About a month ago I was contacted by a company called Oh! Nuts! and asked if I wanted some products to use for my holiday baking. […]

cheese cheese cheese!!!

One of the nice perks of working in an upscale grocery store is that there is a gourmet cheese case, chock full of amazing cheeses that tempt me each time I walk by. The giant wheels of cheese come in and are cut down to size, often leaving behind smaller pieces that are then wrapped […]

the Engine 2 challenge

May is looking a bit different around the kitchen. It’s a lot more green. And red. And purple. Don’t forget orange and yellow. I was invited by Whole Foods to take part in a 28-day challenge of consuming a plant-based diet, based on the best-selling book The Engine 2 Diet, written by firefighter Rip Esselstyn, […]

when you just know

Little in life is predictable. And this is especially true during the month of March in Minnesota. Despite the warmth and rain that melted almost all of the 90″ of snow we’ve received this past Winter (because, officially it IS Spring!) we got socked with yet another snow storm that dumped a wide range of […]

it’s all about the quality

Can you believe it’s almost March? For me, that’s always a fun change because the very first day of March is my birthday, but almost better yet, March around these parts means Spring begins, even if it’s only the official beginning of the season. While April is the month to usher in the soft scent […]

classic ragù and soft polenta

There’s still enough wintertime for this dish…….. especially with yet another major storm bearing down on Minnesota. There’s still enough of winter for a slow stove-top meal, one that fills your kitchen with a heady fragrance, a simmer that beckons one and all from the cold and wind to a wide shallow bowl of tender […]

the appeal of the predictable

A predictable life isn’t all that bad. You know what to expect, you’re comfortable in the routine and it works to rarely step outside of something that you know is always going to be there. You have Tacos on Tuesday, you do laundry every Wednesday whether you want to or not and the floors get […]

product love

I’m remiss in giving some blog love to several wonderful products that have come my way recently. I truly love this aspect of food blogging. This past December, I participated in Season’s Eatings, a food exchange set up by my long time blogging friend, and former Minnesotan Katie, of Thyme for Cooking. Katie gathers bloggers […]

love your lycopene

The primary reason for the type of cooking I do is my health. Our health. This has been at the front of my mind since Griffin began eating solid foods as a baby. Before he was even born I knew I wanted to be able to feed him in a healthy manner, with fresh scratch-made […]

crispin cider and sliders dinner (april 8, 2010)

I was pretty excited to be on the invite list for Crispin Ciders ‘Cider and Sliders’ dinner at Firelake Grill House in the downtown Minneapolis Radisson. My experience with hard cider, the one that I’d had anyway was not the best, and I was wary enough of the brew to avoid it for the most […]